Access your dynamic IP over DNS #stayathome #fightcorona

What is Virtual IP?

Virtual IP is a complete free, non profit service! We are providing Dynamic DNS Service for those who have the need to reach a Device or an Endpoint with changing IP at Home or at Work.
If you like to have a deeper explain what Dynamic DNS can do for you take a look to Wikipedia.

We supporting a lot of DynDNS Clients, for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android, also a Client for Linux running on MIPSEL Systems.
Our protocol is in an open format used by other service providers so we still supporting a wide range of clients, hard- and software, to connect to our service.
Also a lot of Devices are ready to use Virtual IP over our open format Protocol.

For more Informations or Downloads feel free to take a look in our Support area.

You ask yourself why should you use our service? We don't know, but maybe because we are free, dynamic, fast and for us and your data the privacy law of Austria is used.
There's no need to come back once in the month, just add your Hosts and it works! For IPv4 and IPv6!
Do we send mails to our customers? Yes of course, but only if your account do not have an host registered or the registered Host was never updated.





Please protect you and others, stay at home! The Corona virus is dangerous! Work from home whenever it's possible, keep distance to others!


IPv6 support


We are fully supporting IPv6!
We support you in both worlds, IPv4 and IPv6 as well! You need dualstack? No Problem at all...


Additional DNS Server in the USA


Since today we have an additional DNS server residing in the USA, New York!
All our virtual-ip Domains are now backed up over the Service from BuddyNS.